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Civil Liberties Action

Pitch your ideas to change the world and defend the rights of people worldwide during this annual ideathon and turn them into a reality with professional guidance. Submissions are due by May 10th!

Pushing for Change Through Legislation

Project Canary is Genxl's annual ideathon. This year, Genxl is hosting Civil Liverties Action (CLA), a program to pitch an implementable act of legislation to solve a problem surrounding one of the 17 UNSDG goals. Students in grades 5-8 will fill out a form conveying interest to participate. 


Students will work individually or in teams. The submissions for CLA will be due on May 10th, and students may work on the project until then. Projects will be judged by a panel of experienced high schoolers and advisors. The top 3 teams will be ranked on the Genxl website. Read the next section to learn about awards. 


Why ask kids? They’ve got boundless creativity and the ability to think outside the box. We want to nurture this imagination and help grow golden ideas.

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Awards and Prizes

Third Place

Free Wolfram| Alpha Notebook Edition


Certificate of Excellence

First Place

Work with professionals to turn your idea into a reality


Recieve 200 dollars in seed funding


Certificate of Excellence


Free Wolfram| Alpha Notebook Edition

Second Place

Recieve 100 dollars in seed funding


Certificate of Excellence


Free Wolfram| Alpha Notebok Edition

How Will it Look?

Step 1

Work with your team until May 10th to design an implementable legislation to a UNSDG

Step 2

Fill out a form with your ideas and wait to hear back

Step 3

Pitch your idea to a live panel of professional judges

Step 4

Win awesome awards, certificates, and opportunities!

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