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  • How qualified are the instructors?
    All of our instructors are high schoolers passionate about making a difference. Every selected volunteer goes through a series of application steps including a form and interview. Each volunteer is also highly qualified for what they do. To learn about our instructors visit the team page.
  • Does every student applicant get selected?
    Unfortunately we dont have the current class support infrastructure to accept all applicants so we have an application form interested students must fill. We're looking for passionate students that also are knowledgable enough to gain the most from our classes.
  • How do I get updates from Genxl?
    Please subscribe to our mailing list! Subscribers recieve notifications when we are preparing to conduct programs, classes, and seminars.
  • Where are classes held?
    Due to the pandemic, all our classes and programs are currently held online. The platform used for specific classes will be specified in the intro email sent to all selected students.
  • Is course material accurate and impactful?
    All of our course material/lessons go through multiple stages of review. We ensure top quality instruction and develop course material by studying world renowned sources and content.
  • What happens if I miss the application deadline?
    We're really sorry! But unfortunately its important that we stick to deadlines to ensure that our courses remain organized and maitained in an orderly fashion. Please subscribe to our mailing list so you can recieve early updates regarding when new courses will begin.
  • Where can I provide feedback and comments?
    Have suggestions or feedback for us? Fill out the contact form in the menu bar!

Have a question that isn't answered here? Contact us or send an email to 

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