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Intro to Debate

Grades Taught


2 - 6

Two Week Bootcamp

Student per class

Class time

8 - 10




About the Course

This course is designed to help students become more inclined towards confidently speaking for what they believe in, while also engaging with other students and gaining deeper knowledge about debating confidently. In the course, students will learn the structure of public forum debate and strategic ways to do well, while practicing their skills through competitions and simulated tournaments! Kids will earn awards as they display their skills.

Your Instructor

Sahasra Mogulla

Sahasra is an 8th grader from Virginia, and is the Director of Expansions with Genxl. With over 3 years of public speaking and debating experience, she has placed second and third place in multiple public forum debating tournaments. With this critical knowledge, she hopes to boost more confidence and debating skills into these young minds.

Sahasra Mogulla
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